How To Save Money On College Expenses

Leaving for college can cause a large amount of stress. That said, it can also be intimidating. You do not have to feel this anxiety! Many others have follow the same steps, and learning a little about what to expect can make it seem less intimidating. Read on to find out more.

The typical university campus makes it easy for you to take public transportation, walk or ride your bike. If you’re considering driving your own car, think again. Parking often poses a major challenge, and car maintenance can be costly. They can also be time consuming in terms of care and maintenance. In order to concentrate on your studies and make the most of your money, you will really be better off becoming familiar with the means of transportation offered on campus and making good use of them.

When looking to buy or sell your college textbooks online, make sure to price compare between the different websites. Prices tend to vary widely, and you may do well to utilize multiple sites.

Visit your professors during office hours. If you are finding a class difficult, go visit your professor. These office hours are a great opportunity to get some free tutoring from someone who is well qualified.

Students still in high school should think about college early without stressing about it. Get good grades. Do some volunteer work. Consider a number of different schools that interest you. Try not to worry about admission until well into the junior year of high school.

When you’re in class, turn your mobile phone off, or at least set it to silent mode. Your fellow classmates have paid high tuition to take this class. This will keep your cell phone from disrupting others. Similarly, texting in class needs to be avoided as well. You think that your professor doesn’t notice, he probably does. Put your phone away during class.

Wear clothing that shows the pride you have in your school. You will feel school pride and spirit if you wear a university shirt. These little touches can give you just the boost needed to get through times when academics feel the most stressful.

Make sure that you bring an ample amount of toiletries when you enter college. You might run out of them very fast. Buying toiletries in bulk saves you time and money.

Make a long list of all the needed or desired tools and supplies before preparing for any upcoming college course. It is time to take responsibility for what you need. You can no longer rely on your parents help for everything. This is even more important if you will be attending school out of state.

Be sure to keep a refillable water container with you at college. It is vital that your body stays hydrated as you go about the day. It is especially helpful if your classes are right after one another. You will be more focused when you stay hydrated. A lot of water fountains out there allow for easy bottle refills as well.

Apply for grants, scholarships and loans promptly. By securing every possible dollar, you will reduce your need for loans. Create a system that details deadlines so that you can submit applications on time.

If you are enrolled in courses and holding down a job, be realistic when setting your goals. If you struggle with waking up each morning, don’t set yourself up for failure by choosing morning classes if possible. Choose classes that will allow you to follow a schedule you can enjoy.

With a tight budget, it is likely you will need a loan to pay for college. You may have to take on debt now, but it will pay off later.

Study skill courses can be a lifesaver for those struggling with college. Alot of college students did well in high school, but they are lost in college. A class that focuses on study skills will get you on track.

Eat healthy foods while away at college. Remember the ‘freshman fifteen’? Make sure to eat healthy. Stay away from fast food, junk food and other terrible choices. Although this may see seem like a quick and affordable solution, the pounds can slowly start to creep up on you. Also, you won’t be receiving the energy that you need in order to perform at your best in class.

Study daily. By putting in as much effort as possible, you will be able to reap the maximum reward. You have to look at college as a job that you go to everyday. Succeeding in college paves the way to a more lucrative career.

Check out all the grants and scholarships that your school provides so that you can have some help in paying for your education. Many people do not realize there are many scholarships for unique characteristics including a scholarship specifically available to people who are left handed. The federal government and your state also offer many grants that will not have to be paid back.

Make sure you are familiar with you schedule as well as the location of your classes before school starts. You need to find out what free time you have in between classes and how you will get form place to place. ` You can also find libraries or cafes on your route to study or eat lunch at if you have time.

Follow the advice presented here to quell your fears about going to college. As you see, college can be a good time if you know what you are doing. Take the tips included in this article and use them to your advantage. Wish you the best of luck in college.

Great Tips For Getting The Most Out Of College

Does college strike fear in your heart? Are you confused where you should start? You are not the only one that is having those thoughts. Although college is a new experience, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed. Use the tips shared here and make your time in college fun and productive.

Deciding whether or not you need a car while you’re in college is something you need to consider carefully. It is hard to find parking in a big city. Registration, gas and insurance can also prove challenging if you do not have a job.

To avoid problems with the freshman 15 or even the freshman 20, be sure to keep a close eye on the amount of simple carbohydrates you consume. Avoid refined sugars, preservatives and fatty foods. Instead, consume as many fresh vegetables and fruit as you can. Also focus on whole grain foods. Both of these choices will help you feel more energized. Protein is important, too, but you need other options.

Don’t buy your books until after your first class. The instructor may change his mind about the required materials. This is often true for hybrid or online classes. Often, the lectures and online readings will be sufficient for you to do well in the course.

Speak with your professors daily to build strong relationships. Professors are the most important resource and can help you get on your way. Ask whatever you wish, even if it’s for assistance. Maintaining these good relationships can be advantageous while you are going to college.

Choose classes that interest you instead of the easy ones. You’ll be a better student for it. You’ll gain a lot more out of a harder class and they are often more beneficial for your future.

Make sure you schedule dedicated study time every day. While distractions are plentiful, you can find ways to avoid them. Each day, designate at least one hour towards studying. Even if there’s not an exam to study for or homework to do, use the time to review or get ahead. Habits are easy to form when you put in effort.

Buy used textbooks to save money. Textbooks can be quite expensive. You will save a lot of money by buying them used.

Become familiar with the phone numbers for campus security. You need to know how to contact security or the police quickly and easily. Ideally, you will never need to contact them. However, you’ll be glad to have it if something goes awry.

You should get in the habit of taking notes during lectures. Note taking helps you remember information later on. Your study time will be more beneficial once you have the information solidified in your head. Regardless of what you think your grasp on the material is, write it down to be sure that you have it straight.

סיפור מוזר, משונה ותמוה על מבחן בגרות, כבשה וצימר לסוף-שבוע

אני זוכר את קיץ 1997 בצורה חדה וברורה כל כך, כאילו כל האירועים שהתרחשו בו לא היו אלא מארועות אמש. זה היה קיץ אחרון של חופש בשבילנו. נגמרו ימי התמימות של התיכון, ובסוף הקיץ כולנו התפזרנו. אני התגייסתי בספטמבר לשריון, דוד הטמבל הלך לגולני ממש יומיים אחרי הבגרות האחרונה, איציק הזבל התקבל לגל”צ כי החבר הכי טוב של אבא שלו היה עורך שם, ומיקי החנאג’ הלך לעתודה במחשבים.

ידענו שאלה החודשים שלנו להינות מהחיים סוף-סוף, בלי דאגות: רק ים, גלים, בחורות, בירות, מסיבות וסתלבט. אבל עד שהימים האלו יגיעו, היינו צריכים כולם לעבור משוכה רצינית ומעצבנת: בחינות הבגרות. חודשים מאי ויוני עברו, ואיתם חלפו מבחני בגרות רבים – ספרות, היסטוריה, אנגלית, כימיה – עוד נושאים שלמדנו, חרשנו, שיננו, הקאנו במבחן ושכחנו מיד לאחריו. רק בגרות אחת מקוללת נשארה – בגרות במתמטיקה. ואני, אלוהים יודע למה, עשיתי בגרות של 5 יחידות. לא שיש לי נטייה לתחום הריאלי, גם לא כי חשבתי שאעשה עם זה משהו בעתיד ואפילו לא בשביל לרצות את ההורים – סתם החלטה אומללה שנבעה מאגו טהור ועלתה לי בלילות לבנים רבים שבסופם הייתי מגיע לבית-ספר בעיניים טרוטות ומנסה ללא הצלחה את מזלי בנושאים שהשתיקה יפה להם כמו טריגונומטריה, סדרות, אינדוקציה, וקטורים וחשבון אינטגרלי.

אבל אני החלטתי – אני אעשה בגרות במתמטיקה ויהי מה. למרות שנכשלתי בכל המבחנים, הצלחתי לשכנע את המורה, מר רבינוביץ’, לתת לי לגשת לבחינת מגן. “איך שתרצה, פיטרמן” הוא אמר לי בקולו המאנפף “אבל שיהיה לך ברור שאני לא מגיש אותך על יותר מ-60, וגם זה כי אני אוהב אותך”. בסוף-שבוע שלפני המבחן שכרנו מיקי החנאג’ ואני צימר בצפון. קיוויתי שבילוי צמוד ואינטימי אולי יעזור לי לקבל משהו מהגאונות של מיקי, ושההפריה ההדדית הזו איכשהו תביא אותי לציון שידהים את מר רבינוביץ’ ויגרום לו לשנות את דעתו.

בערב, אחרי שעות של למידה קדחתנית, החלטנו לצאת להתאוורר קצת. כשעברנו ליד אחד הצימרים האחרים, שמענו מבפנים קול מאנפף: “את יודעת שאני אוהב אותך, חדוה, את כל החיים שלי, בלעדייך אני חצי בן אדם”. מסקרנות, ניסינו לפתוח את הדלת, אך היא היתה נעולה. ניגשנו מסביב והצצנו דרך החלון – והמחזה שנגלה לעיננו היה דבר שלא אשכח לעולם. בתוך הג’קוזי יושב מר רבינוביץ’ עירום לחלוטין, עם כוסית יין לבן בידו, ובידו השניה מלטף את – חדווה – הכבשה(!) ולוחש על אוזנה מילות אהבה מתוקות, וחדווה עונה לו בפעיות מתוקות “מֶהה… מֶהה”.

מרוב הלם פלטתי צעקה. רבינוביץ’ מייד סובב את ראשו וראה אותי. המבט הענוג התחלף באחת לזעם מהול בבעתה, והטון הרך והמלטף בזעקות המאנפפות שכל כך הורגלנו בהן בשיעורי המתמטיקה: “פיטרמן, יא נקניק! אתה… איך? מה? אני כבר אראה לך מה זה!”.

מיותר לציין שלבסוף הוגשתי על ציון מגן 100 עגול.